Precious Moment #1 – A Failure…

So as a parent, inevitably there will be special/precious things you will want to share with your children throughout their lives, right?

Okay, so yesterday I tried to share one of these so called precious moments with my kids, and it just didn’t do what it should have done!!!

Now in no means is this the very first precious thing I have shared with them, just the first one I am blogging about.

Here’s the story:

Yesterday I headed to a certain “clothing” shop to purchase replacement items that the dog had gotten a hold of (Note to self – FOLD the laundry ASAP). Well this store just happens to be by the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

Why is this temple any more important than any other one? In all reality – it isn’t, but for me it holds a very special place in my heart.

When it was first finished and they had the tour, I remember going as a Young Woman and I fell in love with the building. I decided that was where I was going to get married.

Well most of you know the story and we didn’t get married in the temple, but a year later we were sealed. And the temple we went to: Mount Timpanogos. (I am glad Eric wasn’t up in arms about the place we went)

Now since that day – November 30, 1999 – Eric and I have not been back to that temple. At first we could argue that it was a distance to go (we were living in West Valley & West Jordan). But now that it is this much closer, we still haven’t been back. Hopefully we will remedy that soon, just now that I know how much closer it is to us.

Back to yesterday – after purchasing the items I needed I decided I’d go try and at least get a picture of all the kids in front of the temple. Well, sadly – they are doing maintenence on this temple and so we couldn’t get as close as I would have liked.

That was okay, for the most part, I guessed. At least I still had the kids and we were at the temple, so it would all be okay. Well I thought it was until I uploaded the pictures to my computer…Why can’t kids cooperate?

Someday I will dress them all in Sunday clothes, turn the camera in a different direction and take as many pictures as I need until I am satisfied! Apparently a few of the kids didn’t quite get how special this was to me (i.e. Shaylyn making goofy faces and Nate looking bored of it all…). Oh well – at least my 8 year old showed some sort of interest in my story and our soon to be 5 year old was really excited to see the temple, but that’s where his excitement ended…

One thought on “Precious Moment #1 – A Failure…

  1. Jobi Niu says:

    Your kids are so DANG CUTE! Doesn't it get SO hard to get kids to cooperate for pictures?? ha ha
    I love that temple too, that's where we were sealed and I also remember going there as a Young Women (for the Groundbreaking, Open House, & Dedication) and just LOVING it. I hardly go back and I feel bad. You and I should go one day if we could find a babysitter. ha ha


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