Memorial Day 2009

Our Memorial Day usually consists of the same basic events:

* Meet up at my Mom & Dad’s
* Walk to the cemetary
* Think about/shed some tears over Grandpa & Cousin Greg
* Walk back to Mom & Dad’s
* Have a BBQ lunch/dinner
* Play Games
This year was no exception, except that we started a bit later and that night we went to see a movie with Eric’s family.
We got to my mom and dad’s around 2:00 and were heading to the cemetary by about 3:00. When we got to the cemetary, we saw that my uncle and aunt were there visiting the gravestone of my cousin. My mom visited with my aunt for a bit (my aunt was having a really tough time) and my uncle visited with the rest of us and even hung out with Lex and my soon to be 3 year old nephew.
After the cemetary, we went back to mom & dad’s and had our BBQ dinner. Then some of us played Rock Band while others visited. I got Nathaniel to take a nap, but as soon as I put him down so that Eric and I could head to the movie, he woke up.
I hated leaving him with my mom like that,but I heard he did fine. The movie made me kind of sad. They strayed from the book it was based on quite a bit. But all in all it was still a good day.
I just figured I’d share my fave pics from the day. Enjoy!

(My little sister got stung by a bee, take a look at her toe ALL covered in mud!)

(Lex and Tyler with their Great Uncle)

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