A Busy 3rd Grader…

Seriously, do they have to plan every performance that the 3rd grade does for the week before school gets out???

Last Thursday Tanis had a Literacy Night and Friday night he had a “This Is America” choir performance thing…

But before I get to those, I will quickly mention about the Pinewood Derby that was on the 16th. I know I am so behind, but what can I say, life has been busy, busy with all the end of year stuff the kids do and Lex having ball games, practices and what not…

Anyway, so for the Pinewood Derby, despite knowing a few weeks in advance AND having the kit purchased, Eric waited until the night before to start on it. Last year Tanis was all about his Indiana Jones car and they worked on it to make it look just right. This year Tanis only wanted a CUBS car….Yeah, so nothing fancy there….
After Eric got the car cut out and sanded down we had Tanis paint it. The boy went crazy…He mixed colors together and it ended up a big mess of colors. Then when we tried to have him put the CUBS logo on top, he just made a bigger mess. He was really frustrated by that, so I told him I would do it…

Well to redo the logo, I had to paint over his try and though I tried to resist, I repainted over the whole top…He had like a grayish color on it. I also touched up places where other paint colors weren’t supposed to be.
Tanis didn’t really care. He just wanted his car and wanted to be a the Derby. I don’t remember exactly how he did, but I think it was better than last year – which is all that really mattered.

(I know this post has NOTHING to do with Nathaniel, but it was a cute pic of him at the Derby, I just couldn’t resist sharing it.)


Thursday, May 22 – The whole 3rd grade at Tanis’ school worked on their literacy programs, and what made it extra nice is that instead of piling 4 or 5 classes into the auditorium, they had each class do their thing in their classroom. This made for a good seat – which was great – because Tanis is such a quiet kid.

Tanis’ class sang a few songs and then they broke into 5 groups or so and each of the groups recited their favorite poem/story that they had heard throughout the year. It looked like they had lots of fun and they learned lots of fun stories/poems.


So Friday night, May 23 – The 3rd grade from Tanis’ school and the 3rd grade from a neighboring school did a choir performance honoring those who serve in the military. There are quite a lot of military people out our way because we live by a base or something.

They held this at the outdoor ampitheater out our way. This was also nice because it wasn’t in a crowded gym and the night actually ended up being a good night. It didn’t seem like there was a lot of kids there, and Tanis later told me that only 9 kids in his class showed up. Sometimes I wish we wouldn’t have shown up, but I was raised differently.

It was nice and I appreciated that my dad, big brother & wife and big sister all came to support Tanis. He was so happy to see them there.

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