A Walk on the Wild Side…

So after about a week of not really posting anything real relevant to our lives, here we go…

Take a look at these 2 cute kids and cute doggie…

On Monday, May 4th we lost all 3. Yes all three, at one time!

The story goes:

Foxy has had some issues lately with not letting me let her outside. I don’t know why that is or how to go about correcting it, as it changes daily. Anyway, on this particular night, the kids are playing outside and I am cleaning up dinner.

I then notice that Foxy has left a trail of urine from the front room, all around our bed. I am trying to get it all cleaned up and take care of a whiny, clingy baby all at once. The next thing I know, Tanis comes in from outside and in so doing allows Milo to escape.

Shaylyn tells me that she will get Milo for me. I tell her to not chase him, but follow him, so we know where he is and I will send Daddy out. Well, Eric is in the restroom and I knock on the door. He tells me to wait just a minute…So, I do.

When he gets out I explain what has happened. So he walks out the door to look for the 2 kids and Milo. He comes back after a few minutes and decides to take the car. He is gone for about 10 minutes and when he arrives home, he doesn’t have the kids or the dog with him.

Enter our neighbor girl, Faith. She runs up to Eric and asks if he’s seen Jake. (Another neighborhood kid) Eric says no, and then figures that this kid must’ve followed our kids. Well the parents of missing kid, Jake have called the police and happen to live right next door to the bishop and our good friends, so they are out looking.

Somehow the word gets around that our kids and dog are missing as well. So the bishop, Eric and our good friend are out looking. Meanwhile, the cops stop by our house and after talking to me find out that not only is Jake missing, but so are Lex & Shaylyn. The cops try to get a description of what the kids are wearing, and I can’t really even remember.

The cop I am talking to gives me a phone number if for some reason, the kids get found by someone else. A good neighbor is keeping me company at this point, and it’s a good thing, cause I was going crazy!

About 15 minutes or so after talking with the cops, Jake’s Dad drives by and tells me that the kids were found. They were found a good 3/4 a mile away, according to Eric. I call dispatch and tell them the kids were found and then call Eric and tell him where they were found. Eric meets up with whoever (I wasn’t there, I am unsure of some details) and picks the kids up after the Sheriff has a little talk with them.

Eric is fuming mad at the kids and I am trying to tell him to calm down. They were just obeying what I told them to do. (I never figured they’d go as far as they did. I figured at worst, they’d get bored, turn around, come home and forget about the dog.) Milo, however, still hasn’t been captured.

Eric heads back out to find Milo. About 10 minutes after he left, there is a knock at the door. It is cute little Faith again, only she has rounded Milo up and he runs in the door. Turns out Faith and her mom saw Milo run by and were able to chase him back home.

I call Eric and let him know and he lets the cops know and comes home. This whole thing started around 6:30 and ended around 8:30. It was a crazy night, and I was so thankful that everyone was safe. I only had a small glimpse of what people with missing children go through and it is one of the worst feelings in the world for a parent!

I am just so thankful to everyone who helped. Especially a lady in the ward, who just happened to be friends with Jake’s mom, who happened to get a phone call, just as she was heading out. She is the one who found the kids, and I am thankful it just so happened to be one of Shaylyn’s aquaintence’s moms, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.

The next morning, I had to get up early to go to the zoo field trip with Shaylyn. I wasn’t one of the “Parents” but Shaylyn really wanted me to go.

At first, I figured, “Okay, I’ll go and just ride on the bus.” But the Friday before when I talked to her teacher I found out that I wouldn’t be able to ride on the bus and I’d have to drive myself. Well, I am a wuss driving some places, and the zoo is one of them. So we decided we’d all go as a family. Eric was going to take the day off anyway.

It then turned out that Tanis had CRT testing that day, and we wouldn’t be able to go as a family, as I really didn’t think taking him out of testing was a good idea. So I practically begged for a ride with a neighbor. 😀

However, in the mean time she had met up with a couple other mom’s in our ward and it was decided we could all drive up together. It was great and I am glad that turned out.

At the zoo, we divided up with our kids’ groups. The group Shaylyn was in had 4 kids, 3 of whom had their mom’s in the group as well. This turned out to be a good thing. These mom’s were awesome and so very laid back. We were able to go on the train, the carousel and browse the gift shop. One mom paid for kid #4’s train ride, one mom bought him a little something from the gift shop, and I took care of the carousel ride for him.

I had such a great time being with Shaylyn and Monday night’s events made the day even sweeter.

Then, this past Saturday, Lex had his first T-Ball game. He has had a couple of practices and enjoys it. He had lots of fun at him game, as well. He is the first kid in our family to show any kind of talent when it comes to ball. I am not saying he is the greatest player in the world, I am just saying that he has some natural talent and enjoys it!

I look forward to many, many more games!

And that my friends is why it’s been about a week. Life has been kinda hectic. Hopefully with summer coming, things will change a bit.

2 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild Side…

  1. Kaeloni says:

    Why am I just finding out my niece and nephew were missing?? I must say…you handled it so much better…..same type of thing happened at Sea World with Ty….learned my lesson to not trust the boys with him!!


  2. Jobi Niu says:

    I remember that crazy day! I’m SOOO happy you found them. CUTE pics of you and Shaylyn at the zoo, I bet that was fun! LEx playing T-Ball… SOOO CUTE! I can’t wait till my boys can play. :]


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