A Day In The Life…

Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about this past Friday, May 1st.

There was so much that happened, that life was just crazy….
I will post as my friend Catey did awhile back… (Some of the times may not be exactly correct, but you’ll get the idea.)
7:00 – Pull myself up outta bed to get the kids breakfast and ready for school.
7:30 – Kids finishing up breakfast, and getting dressed for school.
8:00 – Give the baby a bath and get him ready for the day. And somewhere in there get Lex ready.
8:30 – Do Shaylyn’s hair.
9:00 (or shortly thereafter) – Send Tanis & Shaylyn off to school with Thank You Notes for the teachers (It was Teacher Appreciation Week and I cheated and made a digital card following an example I saw at twopeasinabucket, and supplies I downloaded at shabbyprincess.)

RIGHT AFTER KIDS LEAVE – Jump into the shower and take a very quick one.
9:30 – Do hair & makeup
9:40 – Packing the little boys into the car and heading over to the school.
9:50 – Enter school gym, find a place to sit. Wait for Shaylyn’s program to start at 10.

10:05 – Leave the gym (Shaylyn’s program has just started)

10:06 – Find a bathroom so Lex can go potty.
10:10 – Wait in the kiva for the Student of the Month Assembly to start (For Tanis)
10:15 – Watch the assembly, listen to teachers explain why they chose certain student, blah, blah, blah…


10:20 – Take pics of Tanis w/teacher and then with certificate. Say goodbye to Tanis.

10:23 – Head back to the gym. Catch the last few minutes of Shaylyn’s class performance. Hear the very last song all 1st graders did and feel content.


10:30 – Head back to Shaylyn’s classroom to view their “country reports.” She and a few classmates did Tibet. Learn a few interesting facts, see pretty good drawing Shaylyn did, visit with her teacher for a minute, snap a photo of Shaylyn with her teacher, say goodbye and head home.

10:55 – Pack the boys in the car and head home.
11:00 – Get home, put the baby down for a nap, and clean the house.
12:00 – Get Lex a PB & J sandwich and veg out in front of computer.
1:00 – Get baby out of bed and try to get him happy enough to play.
2:00 – Nathaniel cuts his eye on something, try to figure out how bad it’s cut. Figure it’s not too bad, snuggle baby. Lex wants to play outside. Hear the door open and shut a couple times.
2:10 – Check on Lex, he is nowhere to be found. Milo is also nowhere to be found.
2:15 – Put baby in car, grab leash and pull out of the driveway, see Lex walking down the sidewalk. He gets in car tells me Milo ran off (Yes, I know. Where is he?) Lex points in the direction and I see a flash of fur at the top of the street.
2:20 – Stop the car, get out and try to round up the dog. He must’ve had enough cause he comes to me and gets into the car.
2:25 – Pull back in the driveway, get everyone in the house, try to settle back down.
4:00 – Change Nathaniel’s diaper, notice a rash on his belly. Start freaking out as I had plans for the night.
5:00 – Wait for Eric to get home to see what his thinks the rash may be. Does he agree that it looks like chicken pox or what? Call little sis to see how she feels about watching the baby now. She feels leary about it.
6:00 – Eric gets home, ask him what it looks like to him – he says it could be chicken pox. After a few minutes deliberating, we decide to take the baby with us to the movie and take the older kids to be babysat.
6:20 – Leave the house, head to the movie. Movie starts at 7:30, trying to hurry, in the rain.
6:40 – Still on Redwood Road, decide to just take all of the kids to the movie with us so that we make it on time. (Eric was really geared up to see the movie)
7:00 – Eric drops me off at Target to grab a cheap outfit for Tanis as he was in pj’s. (Eric also has a thing about pajamas)
7:10 – Head out of Target spending only $20.00 and head to the theater.
7:15 – Get inside the theater, buy 3 kid seats.
7:20 – Wait for our friends who had our tickets.
7:30 – Still waiting.
7:40 – Still waiting…
7:50 – Hear from friends that he went to the wrong theater. Eric gets a refund from the 3 purchased kid seats and buys 5 more for the next showing at 8:15.
8:00 – Head into the theater
8:05 – Some weird guy starts talking to our kids. We turn around and discover it’s Eric’s cousin. We chat for a bit.
8:15 – Movie starts…..
8:25 – Nathaniel will not sit quietly. Eric gets up and takes him to the side of the theater.
9:00 – Start feeling guilty (it’s a movie Eric really wanted to see) and go take Nate from Eric.
9:20 – No rest for the weary, Nate is fighting sleep and getting loud, so I take him out of the theater.
9:30 – Bored, Nate seems ready for sleep, maybe with a bottle…
9:35 – Sit down, get bottle, Nate drinks, almost asleep….Loud sound on movie – Nate’s awake!
9:40 – Eric gets back up with him. Just as the movie ends, Nate falls asleep.
10:15 – Head out to our car in the cold and wake Nathaniel up…He fusses for a bit then finally falls asleep again. Head home and get some sleep…

And that in a nutshell was our Friday. The movie we went to see was the Origins of Wolverine movie. We all enjoyed it and had a fun family outing, even though it was crazy. As for the rash, I think it was just from his vaccine a few weeks ago as today, I can barely see any spots…
And I am so very proud of Tanis for being Student of the Month. If you watched the video of it, his teacher says how it’s been a hard year for him, but he pulled through and kept a smile on his face. I was a bit teary eyed hearing such nice things said about him. She has been a good teacher to him from the get go and has always kept an eye out for him. I am so happy that he was blessed with such a great teacher.
Shaylyn’s teacher has been a good teacher as well. She hasn’t been as involved with Shaylyn as Tanis’ teacher seems to have been with him, but she has gone above and beyond in her own ways. Shaylyn’s teacher has taught them many Spanish words and has taught them things about other countries and how they live. It sounds like she has lots of cool ways of doing things as well.
I hope next year we will be just as lucky!


One Comment on “A Day In The Life…

  1. wow sounds like a VERY eventful day! It’s crazy how much we can accomplish in one day isn’ it?


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