The Mystery Behind … "And Baby Makes Eight"…

So if you haven’t read this post, you will need to read it before you continue with this post…

Here’s the background to this story:

When we first went to get Foxy, I was interested in a smaller dog. There was a Beagle there that I really wanted, but there was two problems with that. #1 – The dog had, for all intents and purposes, already been adopted and #2 – Eric was “in love” with the dog that was Foxy. So after having my heart broken and Shaylyn’s heart broken we brought Foxy home.

Ever since then I’ve wanted a smaller dog, but haven’t really looked into it much. We took a couple trips to shelters in that time, but none of the dogs really hit that spot, so I pretty much forgot about it.

Until October when during my nephew’s birthday party, Eric’s aunt & uncle brought in their new chihuahua. It was such a small dog and it made me want a smaller dog that much more. We had been looking online and never found a small dog that we could shell out the money for. So once again that desire got put on the back burner.

Last Sunday, however, we went to this certain aunt & uncles house and I had totally forgotten about their little chihuahua. Well after spending a good 6 hours with this little doggie around, I had had enough.

Tuesday I was looking at the Humane Society’s website and saw that they actually had quite a few smaller dogs at the time, so I asked Eric if we could head up and look. He agreed, so after school I packed all the kids in the car and we met up with Eric.

We head to the Humane Society and find that there were probably 6 or 7 small dogs. The first one that caught my eye was a dog that was similar to a Terrier. I really thought about that dog, but then read his papers and saw that he was 12 years old and NOT housebroken. We decided not to get him for obvious reasons.

There were quite a few chihuahua mixes and one that we were looking at, we then discovered did NOT do well with children or other dogs. So much for that. We turn around and see this very calm, quiet chihuahua mix and I loved his color.

We took him outside to see how well he would do with the kids and us outside of his kennel. He was such a good dog and didn’t bark or nip at the kids at all. We knew that he was the dog for us. So we go back into the building, fill out the adoption paperwork and wait.

Our names finally get called and she is going through our paperwork and tells us that we are pretty much approved, but we need to bring Foxy in to make sure the dogs will get along. Grrr. So we tell her that we will be back on Wednesday around 5.

Tuesday night I was very anxious. I really fell in love with this dog and was so worried Foxy would have issues or that some lady would be in a bad mood and say the dogs didn’t get a long and what not.

Wednesday I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, so after I went Visiting Teaching, I took the little boy and packed Foxy into her kennel in the car and met up with Eric during lunch. We got to the Humane Society and Eric went in to see what we needed to do.

He comes out with the chihuahua mix and we get Foxy out of the car and see how they react. They do just fine and no “worker” from the Humane Society even comes out to see if they are getting along or not. They just take our word for it.
So after Eric continues inside talking to the people for 20 minutes or so (I stayed out by the car, so that Foxy had some cool air and didn’t die of heat) Eric brings our little Milo out. He was originally named Chico, but I didn’t know that I liked that name. So as Eric and I talked about it, we decided that we liked Milo.

We brought Milo home and he is the perfect dog for me. He is quiet and loves to snuggle and loves attention. He will just sit on your lap and be content. The only downside to him is that he is an escape artist and has ran “away” a couple times. We’ve just got to be extra careful for awhile that we don’t let him sneak out.

Without further ado, here are a few pictures of our newest family member – Milo.

Oh, and I apologize if this news isn’t as exciting as some of you may had hoped for….For me, getting a new dog is much more exciting to me than if I found out I was pregnant with twins or something.

And if you are unsure as to why I said “Baby makes 8” – this is why the number came to eight. 2 adults + 4 kids + 2 dogs = 8. And I don’t know why I said baby, because Milo is actually 8 years old, I just figured with the saying “Baby makes 8” it would be more “mysterious.”

3 thoughts on “The Mystery Behind … "And Baby Makes Eight"…

  1. Catey says:

    That is great! And I’m finding it hilarious that we also just adopted a chihuahua mix two weeks ago! : ) Hope you are loving yours as much as we are loving ours!


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