Movie Plug…

So awhile ago my little sister recommended a movie called “Fireproof.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect, or even exactly what it was about – aside from marriage. All I know is that I usually like what my sister likes, so I put it in my head to get around to getting it at some point.

Well, when we were on vacation we decided to look at a Redbox to see if there were any movies that we could get to watch on our downtime. Fireproof was actually there, so I convinced Eric to get it. (It ended up only being a couple of dollars).

We watched it a couple nights later and we both enjoyed it. It really makes you think and try to put things into perspective. While the acting really isn’t that great, if you can get past that the movie has a very good message.

It was put out by a Baptist church, but I think the main message applies to people of all religions and all walks of life. There was one scripture in there that really caught my attention. It is James 1:19. It struck me so much that when I got home I had to make a “sign” to put on my wall.

Anyway, for more info on the movie click here. And if any of you actually do see the movie, I would love to hear your reactions!

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