My Little Bobcat

So last Thursday was our monthly Pack Meeting for Scouts. We had planned a “Career Fair” of sorts for the scouts and their siblings/parents to attend. It was awesome! The kids had lots of fun and Eric (who was volunteered, not by me, but by his buddy) had fun programming a hangman game to help explain his job. (I was even impressed, and I’ve seen a lot of what he can do).

The highlight of the night for me, however, was that Tanis got his Bobcat. It did takes us 8 months, which is sad – since I am in Scouts. However, we did get it done and he was so excited to finally get it.

His shyness did show through when he was asked to eat a “bobcat heart” – just a jello type thing. He either didn’t like the idea of eating an animal heart or he didn’t like suddenly realizing he was the center of attention. He burst into tears and wouldn’t let go of me for a few minutes. Poor kid…

Overall, we all had a great night!

3 thoughts on “My Little Bobcat

  1. Catey says:

    He is such a sweet kid-I was so sad for him when he started crying! I do have to tell you how grateful I am that he is one of Taylor’s friends-especially as they are getting to that age where behavior is getting annoying and rude and obnoxious-it is such a treat that my son has such a polite, kind and well-behaved friend!!


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