I Love Having Our Saturday’s Back…

So for the year that Eric worked at the pizza place we really didn’t do much on Saturday’s. There wasn’t really time for it. We wouldn’t be out the door until around 11 (on a good day) and he had to be to work around 4. So needless to say, if we did do anything it was a quick trip to the store or something.

Now that he has quit the pizza place we have our Saturday’s back and I am loving it! It’s nice to be able to go and do when we can and when we want without worrying about time.

This past Saturday we decided we would go to the zoo. While we were filling the car up with gas, Eric decides to check his wallet for our zoo passes…He didn’t find it. I looked in my purse and diaper bag to see if I by chance had the updated passes, but I didn’t either.

It took us a bit of time to figure out what we would do instead, but we finally decided to go to the Living Planet Aquarium. We had never been there and we did go see the small one they had at the Gateway before moving to the current location.

This ended up being a better choice anyway, as Tanis was feeling kind of sick and the wind was blowing like crazy, so it wouldn’t have been a good choice to take Nathaniel to the zoo in that kind of wind.

While it was a bit pricey for our family (in my opinion – considering what was there), the kids all had fun. Nathaniel even wanted out of his stroller so he could look at the tanks a little closer.

Enjoy the pics…I personally love the one of Nathaniel…


2 Comments on “I Love Having Our Saturday’s Back…

  1. Ive heard kids love that place, I need to take my boys there. I HATE that my husband works on Saturdays, it sucks seriously. CUTE PICTURES! :]


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