Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

Okay, so technically I haven’t BEEN anywhere. I just wasn’t in the mood to blog because of some stuff that came up.

Yes that is odd, but I was just trying to deal with it as best I could (which for me means, not thinking about it) and didn’t really feel the desire to blog about it…
However, now that all is said and done I shall share.

Around the end of January/beginning of February the brakes in my Suzuki pretty much died. I didn’t drive the car for quite a few days (obviously) because of how bad they sounded and because the brakes had slipped on Sunday heading to church.

So Eric takes my car in on Thursday the 5th to get the brakes repaired. It’s an all day process, but the brakes get fixed and my car is as good as new.

(Not my actual vehicle, just a random pic of the model.)

The next day Eric heads to work (driving a friend). I get a call from him around 7:30. He says, “Guess what?” I say, “What?” His reply…. “My car broke down on the freeway.”

So, after figuring out where he was and piling all 4 kids into my “fixed” car, off we go. We find Eric, his friend and his broken down car around 8:00 and we head off to take his friend into work.

We then head to Eric’s work so that he can get his work laptop and work from home. This is around 8:30 and I realize the kids are going to miss school. So I call the school and we then head to get a quick breakfast from Burger King.

Eric had called his dad as he is a member of AAA so that we could get the car towed for free. So we head back to Eric’s broken down vehicle to wait for his dad. His dad arrives after 10 or 15 minutes and then we still had to call for the tow.

The AAA people say it’ll be about 15 – 20 minutes, so I am dreading this…I hadn’t packed a change of clothes for the baby because I just figured we’d go rescue the guys and come home. I didn’t know that we would be running all over town. So, the baby needs a clean diaper and is sick to death of the carseat and another 20 minutes was gonna kill us both.

Luckily the guy showed up in about 5 minutes and off we were to the auto shop. We then head home and wait and wait for the news.

The guy finally calls Eric around 4 and tells him that it could be a quick and cheap repair or a long and not so cheap repair depending on how much was broken. (I am not exactly sure what happened to the car except for something with the timing belt and such).

(Again, not the actual vehicle, just a random pic)

We were hoping it would be a cheap (less than $500) repair. Well on Saturday we get the bad news that it is going to cost A LOT more than $500 to repair. So, Eric’s car is in the shop for a week and we are down to my car. (Good thing Eric got the brakes fixed, eh?)

On Thursday Eric gets the call that his car is ready and it’s going to cost a little less than $2,000.00. Yeah, lucky us….

Good thing we are getting a refund for taxes!

The good news is that now both cars are running well and we had the tax refund coming to cushion the blow…

So that is my stress for the month.

Onto happier news:

On Thursday the 11th, the kids and I decorated our new “traditional” V-Day cookies. The kids had fun, although Shaylyn wasn’t feeling well.

On Friday night Eric and I were able to go see the movie, “PUSH” thanks to my little brother who was willing to babysit at very last minute notice. I enjoyed the movie and can’t believe how quickly Dakota Fanning seems to be growing up. It was a nice night out.

Saturday we went to pick up Eric’s car and then I headed to Walmart to pick up some formula while Eric took my little brother home. I was glad Eric did that because I was able to wrap his VDay gift while he was gone. I made a little photo book for him at Shutterfly. It was nothing extravagant, but what I really wanted to get him was out of the budget after the car trouble arose. It may not have been an extravagant gift, but it brought tears to his eyes, so that to me, was a good thing.

When Eric arrove home, I got a very welcome surprise gift. The new Karaoke American Idol 2 game. I love it and there are so many recent songs as well as some awesome oldies that I am loving. Thanks babe!

In more news, and more reason why I’ve been MIA – I decided to restart the family website. Blogger is great for explaining day by day happenings, but it isn’t so good at letting me post all the cute, cute pictures I like sharing.

So if you are interested the link is www.hardyfamilyscrapbook.com.

That’s all there is from me today.

2 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

  1. Rheanna says:

    Shilo, it sooooo sounds like you’ve had a rough week! Sorry about the car repairs, we had that problem not so long ago and it can be so stressful, it’s always TONS more than we plan on. Hope this next week is more pleasant :o)


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