7th Birthday Party

On Saturday, January 31st we had Shaylyn’s birthday party.

We usually have her party at my parents house because we never know what January weather is going to do and we don’t want to make people drive out this far if it’s bad weather.

Shaylyn also decided that she wanted to go bowling for her birthday. And she wanted all the aunts & uncles to come with us. Normally we would have gone on her actual birthday and just as our small family, but Eric had to work.

So Saturday afternoon we told my brothers and sisters to meet up at my parents around 12:30. We would be heading to Fat Cats because that’s where Shaylyn wanted to go. I also figured that Fat Cats wouldn’t have a league going on like most bowling alleys would on a Saturday.

We finally head to Fat Cats around a quarter to one and find that actually Fat Cats did have a league playing AND a birthday party on top of that.

So we call another place close by and they told my brother in law that they were having a “Bowl for Breast Cancer” type thing going on, but they did have 6 lanes open.

So, we all head over to this next bowling alley. We all group up and head to the front desk to get our lane and whatnot and the guy tells us they have NO lanes open. Okay, the drive was only 5 or 10 minutes, it really wasn’t long enough for 6 lanes to have been occupied.

Someone there tells us to try RITZ bowling. My older sister said she would drive over and make sure they actually had some lanes before we all headed over. Meanwhile my brother in law went and complained about getting told they had 6 lanes when they really didn’t and what not… He got a $20 gift card out of it.

Anyway, my sister has gotten to the Ritz and called and said they had plenty of room so we all head over there. Along the way my older sister calls again and says that she’s lost her wallet. Well there was a wallet that was lost at Fat Cats that some lady was asking about, but it didn’t look familiar to us – so Eric and I headed back to Fat Cats to see if it was hers.

Luckily it was and then we were able to head to the Ritz for bowling. However, we still had to wait probably a good hour before 3 lanes all together opened up. When the lanes did open up, we had fun. Though, I will not discuss my score.
I took a video of all the kids bowling because they were just too funny.

After bowling it was time to head back to my parents to get ready for the party. We had a fun night and Shaylyn enjoyed seeing all of the family. I was even able to get the picture of Eric’s mom and my mom together that has been on my list for a year or so now.

I even saved some money by putting together two cupcake cakes for Shaylyn instead of buying them. I saw the picture of the butterfly online, but came up with the flower idea on my own.

I also apologize for my singing… That’s what happens when the camera lady sings as well as takes the video.

5 thoughts on “7th Birthday Party

  1. BreeAnn says:

    Wow! What an adventure trying to find a bowling lane! I hate that! Why can’t thier be ONE bowling place that doesn’t have leauges? I love your cupcake cakes! Very impressive!


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