25 Little Things About Me

So here are 25 random little tidbits about me right now…It was a tag from Facebook, but some people aren’t on Facebook, so I thought I’d post it here as well.

If you feel like filling this out as well, go for it!

1. I hate to cook, but love to bake. Although, I am getting a bit more fond of cooking as the years go by.

2. I love to sleep, and am ornery when I don’t get enough!

3. I hate the spotlight, but hate being ignored even more.

4. I have many thoughts, emotions, feelings and opinions that I keep to myself.

5. I am not what I appear to be.

6. I have more than one blood relative who really irk me.

7. I found a house I really liked the other day, but Eric won’t let us move right now.

8. There are many things I would like to try in this life, but I lack the courage and confidence to do so.

9. After reading some of the “Twilight” saga books I have found that I am more a fan of Jacob than Edward.

10. I love to play video games based on music… i.e. Rock Band, Guitar Hero and American Idol Karaoke.

11. Sometimes, I really miss High School.

12. I would love to lose 30+ pounds, but have a hard time finding energy to do anything about it.

13. I get annoyed when I see crappily drawn cartoons as TV shows.

14. Most of the time I don’t feel I have anything worthwhile to say to anyone, so I just stay quiet.

15. I really miss my Grandpa!

16. I love vacations! I don’t care where I go, I just love getting away.

17. I took piano & voice lessons – both for a very short period of time. I now wish I had kept up with either or both.

18. I hate cleaning and so I only do what is absouletly necessary. I am not one of those people who go above and beyond!

19. I knew what I wanted to dress up for Halloween 2009 the day after Halloween 2008.

20. I only have 3 cousins on my father’s side of the family and I don’t know how many on my mom’s.

21. I have a very patient husband…I am not an easy person to live with or to love.

22. Patience is not one of my strong suits.

23. I would love to write a book.

24. I really miss acting!

25. I could really use a nap right now…Shaylyn kept me up most of the night with a horrible cough!

3 thoughts on “25 Little Things About Me

  1. Lynette says:

    I love that you’re very honest about yourself — you say what’s on your mind…I’ve never been good at that. I’m learning so much about you from your blog — I wish we would have been closer friends in high school.And one more thing: Sometimes I miss high school, too. 🙂


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