As Promised – – A Year Ago…

So last year right about this time I had a “project” that I was so very excited about. I thought I would have the project completed in no time at all, but as it turns out it took me a whole year to do and it still isn’t 100%.

Anyway, so last January we decided we’d better look into finding a new bed for Shaylyn. She was using part of the bunk bed and Lex had the crib. Because we would need the crib in April we had to do some moving around.

We put the bunk bed back together and had Tanis sleep on the top and Lex on the bottom, but then Shaylyn was out of a bed.

I got on KSL classifieds and looked around. I eventually ran across a cute, girly frame that I just loved and I hoped Shaylyn would like it as well. Plus it was less than $200. We did have to drive to Layton to pick it up, but it was worth it. The frame was in great condition.

Around this same time, my mom bought my brothers new mattresses, so we got a free mattress for her as well. It all worked out just right.

The lady who sold us the bed, also had a bunch of other items to go with the frame – including a sheet set and a few decorative things. All for the same price she mentioned in the ad. I think we got a killer deal.

Here are pics of Shaylyn’s completed room.

Still to do:

Finish the vinyl words across the pink strip – the complete phrase will read: “Butterflies Flit From Flower to Flower”

Shaylyn Name Blocks to go on her White Shelf

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