More Hair!

So, it was time once again for the boys to get their haircuts. It was long overdue.

Tanis is always a trooper and cooperates pretty good. He gets anxious when I have to take the guide off of the razor to take care of stray ends around the ears and on the neck, but other than that he is great.

Lex is always a little restless and most often screams. I usually have to have Eric hold Lex in his lap to cooperate. However, last night he was a totally different child and cooperated ever so nicely.

I finished the older boys and then had a dilemma. Do I try and shave my 9 month old? His hair was getting long and something had to be done, but do I dare do it myself. Well I finally gave in and gave Nate his first haircut.

And how did he react?

He laughed at first, probably cause it tickled and then he just got annoyed. Not the screaming, crying annoyed. Just the annoyed where he didn’t want to hold still and just wanted to be moving around.

I’ve been anxious about his hair cut since I did it, but then this morning I read my friends blog and I decided it was okay after reading that her 7 month old already had his 2nd hair cut. Then again, his grandma was a hair stylist for many years…

And for those of you in the ward, I was not trying to copy the Balls. I’ve always preferred having my boys heads shaved because then it takes little to no effort to take care of their hair. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I leave you with a cute before and after shot of my little trooper.

3 thoughts on “More Hair!

  1. Rheanna says:

    He doesn’t look like a Ball-there’s still some left on his head. I like my boys hair much shorter too-then we don’t actually have to do their hair, it just stays in place-talk about a timesaver!


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