Blowing 9 Raspberries…

Yesterday, Nathaniel hit the 9 month mark. It is so hard to believe that in just 3 short months he will be a year old. It’s crazy how time flies.

At 9 months Nathaniel:

* Responds to his name

* Knows his family and gets scared around strangers

* He holds his own bottle

* Loves Biter Biscuits and Banana Cookies

* Eats some “grown-up” food (Don’t tell the pediatrician)

* Can sit up unassisted and for long periods of time

* Crawls

* Pulls himself to a standing position holding onto furniture

* Babbles

* Says “Daddy” or “Dad” about everything

* Just starting to “cruise” furniture

Nathaniel also loves to blow raspberries and I caught it on video the other day. Enjoy!

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