Family Pictures…

I’ve decided a few things about family pictures:

1: There is never a picture where everyone looks good
2: I hate my portrait smile
3: Apparently as I get older I am starting to resemble my mom…that wasn’t always the case…
4: Kids will cooperate (for the most part) for money
5: Tanis seems “lost” at times when pictures are being taken
6: Shaylyn is very stubborn – it’s her way or the highway
7: Lex is more like his dad than I thought
8: Working with a tired baby is difficult

Want examples?

First I will include the extended family pics we took with Eric’s family on Thanksgiving.

Next will be the “best” of the pictures Eric’s mom took this past Sunday for her Christmas cards and for my benefit…

Eric’s Mom’s Side of the Family – Those who live in Utah, anyway

The ONE shot I was even somewhat pleased with…And to think that this was the first one taken…

The proof that Lex is like his Dad….(Look at Eric and Lex’s faces)

He was messing around and making me laugh, so I don’t have the best “smile.”

The magic of “cropping” – Eric was actually holding onto Nate’s waist…

All My Boys…

Me and My Baby Girl

A Little “Lost”????

Stubborn Little Thing…

I have no idea what he is doing…

These are the pictures showing that I am starting to look like my Mom…I know it doesn’t help those of you who have never seen my Mom, but oh well.

4 thoughts on “Family Pictures…

  1. Lynette says:

    I love your family pictures! I scrutinize our family pictures just like you do — must be a mom thing. 🙂 My little guy is so funny and silly, but you put him in front of the camera and he just won’t look at the camera until it’s all done. And then my oldest is a thumb sucker and we had to constantly check to make sure her thumb wasn’t in her mouth before taking pictures. 🙂 I feel for you! 🙂 🙂


  2. Marisa says:

    Your family pictures look great! And, my favorite family portraits are the ones in which everyone is being funny … really shows true personalities.I know what you mean about looking like your mom as you get older. I put another picture Jon took of me with Maryanne on FB in which I totally think I look like my mom when she was my age. Not that I’m complaining though.I really like the pictures of you and Eric … although, he really looks like he’s having fun in the first one (where’s his portrait smile in that one?).


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