That Magic Number – 10!

So, yes, I’ve been MIA for a bit. Last Thursday – during Thanksgiving – my left wrist really started to bother me and the pain traveled up my arm a bit. I thought it was Carpal Tunnel, but after speaking to my Mother In Law, who is an RN, she said she thought it sounded more like Tendonitis (sp?) and to just keep this wrap thing on it for a few days.

I obeyed and in the mean time my doctor (a.k.a. Eric) grounded me from the computer. HAHAHA. Not really, he just told me I should be careful and take some time “off” from the computer, so I’ve been trying to do as little with my left hand as possible. It finally feels better today so I can finally post something I’ve been wanting to post for a week now.

Not only was last Thursday Thanksgiving, it was also Eric and my 10 year anniversary! Okay, so when we got married the day after Thanksgiving, it never occured to me that our anniversary would fall ON Thanksgiving some years.
Anyway, so Thursday we did all the family Thanksgiving stuff. Ate a yummy lunch with his family, visited, took huge family pics and then we headed over to my families to play some games and visit. We left my parents around 9 or 10 at night and headed up.

We were up around the usual time (7:00 a.m.) and I had to straighten the house and get us all packed up. Eric and I were running away for a night and the kids were being divided between family members.

We were finally out the door by about 10:30 (we originally wanted to leave at 9) and headed to Eric’s parents to drop the kids off. His parents were keeping the kids till my mom got home from work around 3 and then she would take Tanis & Shaylyn to my big sister’s house and she would keep the little boys. (She volunteered to sacrifice her sleep to take Nathaniel).

Anyway, we finally drop the kids off and it’s around noon. I tell Eric I am hungry because I didn’t eat any breakfast so we headed to Applebees for lunch. We had a nice lunch, even though I wasn’t as hungry as I thought, and we enjoyed being together without telling the kids to eat their food and quit playing around every few minutes.

After lunch, we got onto the freeway and were on our way. We were headed to the Anniversary Inn in Logan. Sure we could stay in Salt Lake, but we wanted to feel like we were really away. On the way to Logan we stopped in Layton Hills Mall. Eric was looking for something (I don’t remember what) so we braved the BLACK FRIDAY crowds. Luckily it was late enough in the afternoon that it was too awful for me. I made sure Eric stuck close by me as crowds make me very anxious. We stopped in at Mervyn’s and got Lex a pack of socks for only $3.00 as they were closing the store.

After the mall we were one our way once again. Because Eric didn’t find a good price on what he was looking for (I remembered now – a Nickleback CD) we stopped at a Walmart along the way. He found his CD and we bought a new Scene-It game for me.

We then finally made it to Logan around 4. Check – in wasn’t supposed to be until 5, but for whatever reason they let us check in early. The room we had was a surprise to me. Eric was trying to keep the whole thing a surprise, but couldn’t find a babysitter so he had to spoil that part of the surprise.

He chose the room called “Joanie’s Diner” and as it sounds it is a 50’s themed room. The bedroom part of it was decorated in pink and flowers with lots of 50’s type furniture around – including a rotary phone that Eric wasn’t sure he knew how to use. HAHAHA!

The best part of this whole room though, was the kitchen area. Anyone who knows me really well knows that I would’ve loved to live in the 50’s. And this kitchen area was a total 50’s diner, complete with Jukebox! This was the reason Eric chose the room.

It was so much fun. We spent a good night together and I love the conversations we have while we are alone with no worries. We even watched our wedding video. (Isn’t that customary on the “big” years?) It was fun/sad to see how little my little sister and Eric’s cousins were and to see how much our parents hadn’t/had changed. I got a little weepy when I saw my cousin (that passed away last year) in the video. But overall it made us happy to recall that day and all the emotions that went with it.

The next morning we were trying to figure out what to do because we didn’t want to rush straight home – we still wanted a few more hours for us. In the phone book we found a place called Cache Valley Fun House (Or something similar) and decided we’d go skating (roller). I haven’t been on skates in probably 11 years or so. Eric put on a pair of Rollerblades and had no trouble…I wasn’t as sure on my skates as I used to be. Eric then convinced me to try rollerblades. In my whole life I had NEVER worn roller blades, so I was anxious to try, but told Eric he’d have to help keep me balanced.

After a few minutes, I felt secure on the Rollerblades and wondered why it took me so long to try them out in the first place. We had lots of fun together (especially since we were the only ones on the rink) and it made me miss my Jr. High school days.

After our old bodies had had enough we headed home. I was missing the kids by this point and was anxious to hear how Nathaniel did during the night. We picked up the little boys around 1:30 and Shaylyn and Tanis around 2:00. It was good to see them again and to hear that Nathaniel only woke up once, which is usual.

We all relaxed for a bit and then when I told Eric we needed to go to the store so we had dinner for the next day and a few other items. He volunteered to go himself! When he came back he brought a gift with him. A video game, mainly for me, called Buzz TV! It is a trivia type video game and so much fun!

We played for a few hours that night and I am proud to say I kicked his butt! Which is an unusual thing for me as he is the brains in this outfit.

All in all it was a good 10th anniversary and I was spoiled very much! Thanks hun. And for those of you who are more visual people, I included some fun pics of the kitchen area of our room and a video of some of our wedding pictures along with “family” pictures for the last 10 years. ENJOY!

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