I Shall Call Him Squishy and He Shall Be Mine…

So Thursday night we had Pack Meeting for Scouts. Yes that’s right, I said WE. For those of you not in the area, or in the know, they called me to be a Den Mother a few weeks ago. (I guess that’s what I get for enjoying the Derby so much or for saying that I wanted to deck a few kids…)

Anyway, we had a Halloween themed Pack Meeting. There was a Halloween story told, Halloween safety tips discussed and a few boys earned their awards. (Really got to start working with Tanis…) But the highlight of it all was the pumpkin decorating.

Each family had their own pumpkin to decorate and the few boys whose families weren’t able to attend worked together. We didn’t paint pumpkins, we didn’t carve pumpkins – what we did was put an unspecified amount of stuff on each table and let everyone at it. Everyone had the same items, just different numbers of them. Each family had very clever ideas and I don’t think there were any repeats, although I could be wrong. I didn’t take pictures of the other pumpkins as my partner in crime, Heather, took care of that.

Instead, I took pictures of our own creation. At the start of it and towards the beginning Eric was helping out while I was feeding Nathaniel, but since I was being a backseat driver (Do you really think I could resist?) Eric and I switched duties.

And here are the pictures of the creation of Squishy:

Okay, so I’m not really naming him Squishy. I’m not really naming him at all. And there is no way I am getting attached to him as he’s gonna meet the big, green, trash can in just a week. I just thought it would be a cool title for this post.

And for those of you who like to hear my whining and complaining – here goes:

So after we finished cleaning up after Pack Meeting at 9:00, we head to Smith’s. There were a couple items we kinda needed. So we take the drive to Smith’s (Keep in mind it’s like a 15 min. drive), arrive in the parking lot and as Eric was about to get out he realizes he forgot his wallet. Well guess what, I didn’t bring mine with me either. So we go home.

No we are not crazy enough or adventurous enough to turn around and go back to the store again, so we just call it a night. Luckily Eric was able to come home to do some work Friday and before he got home he stopped at the store to get the items we need.

So it wasn’t a total disaster. πŸ˜€

Now, I just get to nurse this stupid cold which hit it’s most miserable point today. Can’t really do anything without feeling totally dizzy.

Hey and if you know what movie the title of this post comes from – you are my kind of people. πŸ˜‰ Kinda makes me want to go watch it – kinda…

One thought on “I Shall Call Him Squishy and He Shall Be Mine…

  1. Cindi says:

    Your pumpkin turned out cute. I hope you enjoy your new calling as a den leader. I did it last year and actually ended up having a good time with the boys. And I hear that Heather is awesome.


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