A Wild Hair…

So growing up my mom used this phrase – “I got a wild hair up my nose” to describe something that she did for no apparent reason, or for something she was trying to figure out why she did it in the first place.

This happened to me on Saturday afternoon. I decided to try my hand at something my friend, BreeAnn had posted about. I am almost scared to post the link to hers as hers turned out so much better.

Anyway, she had made a few block things to spell out “Family” and “Noel” for Christmas. Now because we were running short on funds, I knew I couldn’t run to the craft store to try and find blocks, and lets face it I didn’t have the time anyway…Okay, I didn’t want to take the time with the 4 kids coming along…But I really wanted to make some Halloween blocks.

So, I improvised. A couple months ago we bought the boys new dressers since they both managed to destroy theirs. (Actually I think Lex broke both of them by climbing on them and knocking them both down a few times…) So they’ve been sitting by the house and ever so slowly we are packing them away in the garbage.

I decided I would use the “wood” from one of the drawers for my blocks. All in all it was a good idea, except that I’ve never used our scroll saw since we got it 7 years ago…Eric’s used it a few times, but he wasn’t around and I was too impatient to wait for him.

So, I can’t cut out a straight line with the stupid thing…Normally I would have been very frustrated and gave up, but since it was for Halloween themed blocks, I figured it just added to the ambiance of the thing…

Now I tried to get this started around 6:00, but didn’t finish until about 11:00. No, it didn’t really take that long – it was just one of those days where I had a bunch to do in between – like feeding the children, getting them ready for bed, feeding a baby and taking care of a baby who was as tired as heck, but just wouldn’t go to sleep.

Anyway, here is the finished product and now I want to do MORE, MORE, MORE! So, BreeAnn where did you get your blocks anyway????

4 thoughts on “A Wild Hair…

  1. Lynette says:

    I think they look terrific! You’re too hard on yourself, Shilo…Cutting blocks is one thing (something I wouldn’t think to try on my own), but painting them is another thing entirely!


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