Dude, I Got a Dell…

So, if you’ll remember, in my last post I made mention of getting an early birthday present.

Well, Eric and I both decided I needed a new laptop. The one I was using was, in computer years, STONEAGE. The kids had also made quite a mess out of it. It was slow, the CD drive only read certain CD’s and the wireless card might as well have not even exisited…

Part of this decision was because Eric found a laptop that he “wanted” and he didn’t feel comfortable getting just him one. So we decided since our birthdays are coming up, we would just say they are our presents.

I was getting sad because Eric ordered his laptop first (because his is only available for a limited time) and that meant he would get his long before mine. It only ended up being 3 or 4 days later that Eric got around to ordering mine, so I guess I shouldn’t have been so upset.

But here’s the kicker! Mine came on Tuesday and Eric’s got delayed a week. But that works, because my birthday is before his. 😉

I love this laptop – it has a fingerprint reader, built in webcam, an excellent wireless card, lots of room for all my pics that I should do something with and a DVD burner drive. I’ve been on cloud 9 all week. Thanks hon!

So, even though it is a month and a half early – Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Those of you who know me well might wonder why I didn’t get a purple colored laptop. The answer to that is simple: the purple was ugly!

So I looked at all the colors and decided I liked a green color and the pink color the same and made Eric make the final decision.

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