Huh? No One Ever Said I Had To Do That!

So a couple weeks ago Eric’s cousin, Brandon called him and told Eric that he had started working for financial planning company (I think) and wanted to meet with Eric to go over some things.

Of course, Eric being the kind hearted, supportive person that he is agreed to meet up with him one day at lunch. I have no idea of what that conversation consisted of as I was not invited. 😛

Anyhow, next thing I know Brandon is going to be coming to the house to go over things. Well okay. I don’t know much about what it all entails, but whatever. So Brandon came over at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning…Yeah I wasn’t thrilled either. Anyway, so he goes into all this mumbo jumbo, that I really don’t understand.

The short of it is that we signed up for Life Insurance and then Eric did some stuff with his 401K. I was happy to to the Life Insurance thing because it’s just one more added comfort. We were even able to put the kids onto mine so that if – heaven forbid – one of them should pass on we would at least be able to afford funeral costs.

However, before our application can be totally approved Brandon told us they had to come draw blood. Sweet – they come to the house, but more pricking – blah. Any pregnant woman can tell you that being stuck with a needle so many times during pregnancy gets a little redundant, and it can still hurt.

So not looking forward to the drawing of the blood, but whatever! So on Monday Brandon got us all set up with the medical people to come out tonight. The lady called me yesterday afternoon and told me that not only do they do a blood test, they do a urine test. Man, I feel pregnant again. On top of those two tests, she then told me that while it isn’t required it is best to fast for 6 – 8 hours. NO ONE MENTIONED GOING WITHOUT FOOD – can I change my mind now????

Okay, so I’ve only got 3 hours to go…But, I did have to go to the grocery store today and now that the groceries are home and put away there are so many things I would love to have right now… I shall refrain… But, man I am hungry!!! Think I will eat a lot at dinner tonight…

In other news, HoHo has figured out how to roll from his tummy to his back. It is so sad that my baby is getting so “old.” (And yes, I still think he looks like his dad.) However, he still won’t sleep through the night. Any suggestions? I’ve tried feeding him the rice cereal before he goes to bed, I’ve even done the Johnson’s Nightime Bath stuff – blah! HELP!!! My other three were sleeping through the night by now, so this is unexplored territory for me. At least he just wakes up to eat and then goes right back to sleep…That is nice.

2 thoughts on “Huh? No One Ever Said I Had To Do That!

  1. Marisa says:

    I totally understand the “physical” needed for life insurance. Jon upped ours a few months ago. We were lucky enough to be told about the fasting, so we scheduled the nurse to come first thing in the morning (probably the best thing I ever did). Still, it wasn’t completely unpleasant.You know as far as the sleeping through the night thing goes … one of my friends (when she was pregnant with her first baby) was reading in a breastfeeding book that babies tend to wake up in the night to get their “Mom time.” I’m determined to try out this method with our new baby when she arrives. All of my babies (except Eliza) didn’t sleep through the night until they were about 8 months old and then they did because we started letting them cry. I’m gonna try out the idea my friend had and hold this baby and play with this baby more during the day so that she’ll get her “mom time” when she’s awake during the day instead of getting up in the night. I still don’t know if it worked or not, but the theory sounds good to me.


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