And Just Like That, it’s Over!

Hmmm…Where to begin???

So, I’ve been kind of sad about school starting up again and so unprepared for it. I felt so unprepared for it that I stayed home from a camping trip with my family last week. That wasn’t the only reason, but it was a big one.

Wednesday I decided to get the kids new school clothes. First stop – Kohl’s. I couldn’t believe how crazy that place was, but thank goodness the kids were “mostly” well behaved and we got out fairly easily.

We then headed to Target to get a few “neccessities.” While at Target I found a cute set of onesies for Nathaniel with “Dopey” from Snow White on them. We get home and I decide to wash all the new clothes in preparation for Monday. While folding the laundry I noticed that the cute little Dopey outfits said, “Bald is Beautiful” on them.

Okay, call me crazy – but I don’t want my boy sporting around in them…So, if you would like them (They are 3 – 6 months and yellowish in color) let me know. I will gladly hand them over to you.

Thursday I get an email stating that the ladies in the ward were going to be playing Baskeball that night. Thursday nights are Eric’s nights out and so I was without a babysitter, but I really wanted to go. So, I ask Eric if he can find a babysitter as I knew my family was up in the mountains somewhere. His parents end up babysitting – so I had to take a drive to Midvale to meet up with Eric so he could take the kids. Lex stayed with me so we could go find a birthday present for one of his friends.

Lex and I were home for an hour or so before we headed over to the church. I got a little worried because no one was there when I got there, so we drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes. After the drive someone was finally at the church, so we stopped.

In all 6 of us showed up to play and I had so much fun, even though I hadn’t played in 10 or 11 years. Lex was so cute and behaved so well, he was even a little cheerleader.

Friday afternoon was spent with Eric’s parents at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids love this place, but for me – when you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all. I did enjoy seeing the sets for the new claymation video the studio located in the museum made, but that’s cause it was a Halloween movie. 😀 (I apologize for the off center pictures – Eric’s mom has the better ones, but I haven’t received them yet…)
The best part for the kids is the part where they get to play in wet sand and make their own “Dinosaur Land” with plastic dinos and trees. There was a kid there who was about 12 litterally hording all the plastic dinos and trees. He had his younger siblings play the “thiefs.”


My mother-in-law and I kept wondering where a parent was because this was just not fair to all the “little” kids who came to actually play! Finally my mother-in-law kind of told the kid off. Then as we were leaving their mother finally came back into the area they were in and didn’t even say a thing about his “stash”, no, she was too busy talking on her phone.

Anyway, the kids had lots of fun and enjoyed this special day out with Grandma & Grandpa.

Friday night I was gonna take the kids to the pizza place for dinner, but in going to track them down I met some neighbors and got talking (yes, I went out of my comfort zone and met some new people) and before I knew it, it was 9:00. Oops.

Saturday afternoon found us at Costco getting some things for the kids’ lunches. Both kids emphatically told me they wanted cold lunch this year (much to my dismay), so we bought some bulk items to keep their tummies fed.

After Costco I came home to straighten the house a bit before I headed to my mom’s to go to dinner with my brother from Wyoming. It turned out that all but 2 of the siblings went to dinner. In the process I had forgotten a bottle at home, but figured it was okay because I left one at my mom’s house just in case.

Well, in the meanwhile, she had thrown out the nipple to the bottle, so we were back at square one…No biggie, I decided I’d stop at ShopKo and buy a bottle on the way to dinner. I go to pay for the bottle and realize I’ve left my debit card AT HOME in the pants I wore on FRIDAY…Grr, thank goodness ShopKo took a check.

We went to Chili’s for dinner and I was all prepared to make Nathaniel his bottle, when I discover that I left the formula on my mom’s counter. Luckily, we had bought a big thing of formula at Costco and I hadn’t gotten around to taking it in the house. Major crisis averted, but poor Nathaniel was starving!

After dinner we headed back to my mom’s to play a game. I had a very fun night, but was very tired when I got home around 11.

Sunday night we headed back to my mom’s to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday. How my mom managed to take Grandma away from the rest of the family on a Sunday, I don’t know. Anyway, we enjoyed visiting with Grandma and Nathaniel gave Great Grandma lots of smiles. We also spent time with the rest of the family and just had a great night.

Monday came around and I was kind of sad. I hate when the kids go back to school, even though they need it…Anyway, I woke up and got ready to head to school with them. We weren’t sure where either classroom was, so I went with them and got them to the right rooms. Neither kid really even said Goodbye to me and just went on their merry way… They both said they like their teachers and Shaylyn enjoyed eating lunch in the cafeteria.

I like the quiet that the two older kids being gone, affords me. But I still miss them. Oh well.

So, that’s the rundown…

Sorry for the length. I always have more I want to say, but can never get it right, then I end up babbling…

One more note – especially for Marisa, who laboriously searched for an eariler post – I am now ‘tagging’ all my entries to make it easier to find something, should you need it.

2 thoughts on “And Just Like That, it’s Over!

  1. Marisa says:

    Yeah — Tags! Hee hee!Hey, having done cold lunch for two years, I have a few tricks up my sleeve; and some pretty good ideas to make it fun, let me know if you want some. I may just post some on my blog.I almost can’t wait for school to start here! We don’t start till the Tuesday after Labor Day. So, we still have two weeks to go! I can’t believe you started school already! That’s crazy!


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